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Paravex Pills is the unique product for potency increasing, which enhances sexual desire, strengthen erections, prolongs sexual intercourse, increases sexual sensitivity and orgasm.

Statistics show that fifty percent of men older than forty years there has a violation of the functions or inflammation Paravex Pillsof the prostate adenoma, and to sixty-five years in most of the men have one or another disease of the body.

There was a unique opportunity to try considered a new natural product for men. This specially balanced blend of natural extracts of natural, which is designed to maintain health and energy in men.

Besides, the product contains quickly absorbed biologically active compounds that favor sexual activity and stimulate sexual desire. It helps restore and increase virility and stamina and improve erection.

Furthermore, Paravex Pills improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs. It stimulates the immune system and improves overall health, relieves mental fatigue, increases efficiency.

The work of viewed supplement provides natural increasing of testosterone levels and stamina in bed. In addition, it enhances libido and stimulates the blood circulation in the pelvis. Within regular using this male enhancement product eliminates erectile dysfunction.

Chemically synthesized drugs to increase potency is ahead of most natural products an advantage – it acts quickly. This supplement, beneficially affecting the capillaries, giving a stable erection.

In addition, gently and naturally affecting the hormones, the pill can restore lost sensations brightness that makes it possible to fill the sex sensuality and passion.

In addition to the brightness of the sensations, the quality of sex determined by the length of sexual intercourse. Premature ejaculation does not allow you to have quality sex, so these capsules are more effective and on this indicator.

What is Paravex Pills?

Paravex Pills is one of the most effective pills to solve the problems of sexual function in men. It is a natural product, which sold in capsules and intended for men with low libido and low potency. Its function to force the body to produce its own hormone testosterone and improve the quality of sexual intercourse.

Considered product for potency also applies to new products and is not a medicament, but is effective and its effect is manifested at once. Apply it just does not require a prescription and long consultations with a doctor. This tested product that tested and have the appropriate certificates.

In general, testosterone is the key to male sexual capabilities. Because of that, the focus of Paravex Pills directs on an enhancement of male sexual opportunities though an increasing testosterone level.

Athletes take it to increase muscle mass at the expense of more testosterone. Marked increase in stamina, rapid recovery after exercise, and thus – more stable and good results.

The supplement accepts and to enhance libido, improve body tone, increase the brightness of sensations during intercourse, for toning and stimulating activity for many other purposes.

It increases sexual desire and potency, libido, erection, and testosterone levels. You will get an eliminating of sexual dysfunction and diseases such as prostatitis.

By the way, considered supplement develops a strong and toned physique and gives confidence. Due to that Paravex Pills is the multi-purpose men’s formula, which is safe, natural, and effective.

In addition to above, this is an easy solution to your problems. It is also recommended to increase libido in women. The pill consists of natural vegetable components, does not contain hormones and synthetic chemical additives.

Ingredients of Paravex Pills

Completely natural composition of considered supplement excludes the content of chemical components. It is the most carefully but effectively acts on the human body. Roughly speaking, the man takes the usual plant extract and feels a rush of sexual possibilities.Paravex Pills

  • Wild Yam Extract

Wild yams Extract help to maintain a sufficient level of “raw material” to produce sex hormones in both men and women. In this plant, the body perceives prohormones without any side effects that are inherent to synthetic hormones.

  • Orchic substance

This substance increases the synthesis of sex hormones own. The components work as a catalyst, evoking the work of internal reserves.

  • Saw Palmetto

Scientific studies found these fruits in the presence of steroids in explaining a tonic effect on the reproductive system.

Therefore, Saw Palmetto fruit has recommendations for an enlarged prostate and for the treatment of impotence.

  • Nettle Extract

Regular intake means with nettle concentrate leads to an improvement of the blood increases the level of red blood cells, platelets, and hemoglobin, reduced amount of sugar.

Thus, the plant provides effective prevention of hormonal imbalance, diabetes, and obesity.

  • Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali improves sexual performance of men. Carefully selected by the roots for more than ten years of age to get the best quality extract. It uses the most advanced technology to extract.

  • Boron

Boron contributes to a better absorption of calcium, vitamin D, and magnesium; thus it prevents excessive excretion of these substances from the body. Boron increases the level of testosterone and estrogen.

  • Polyethylene Glycol

It contributes to the overall strengthening of the body, especially after the transferred diseases and heavy loads. This based on herbal origin that is effective in the complex treatment of acne in women, as bioactive substances, in this case, govern the production of androgens in the female body.

How Does Paravex Pills Work?

Let’s look at what happens in the body because of receiving wild yam. Some special hormones structurally like the precursor of sex hormones both male and female.

On this basis, the body produces DHEA hormone, which in turn is a raw material to produce more than twenty different hormones endocrine glands in the body.

With age DHEA production decreases and, accordingly, it decreases the level of many hormones, including sex hormones as DHEA is the basis for their synthesis.

And here starts the vicious circle – the aging process reduces the production of prohormones as precursors of sex hormones.Paravex Pills

Thus, the decrease in hormone levels in the body leads, in turn, to the acceleration of aging.

The action of Paravex Pills based on its ability to increase testosterone levels in the blood of four times, which invariably leads to increased libido to sex drive, and aggravation of blood supply to organs pelvic area.

In addition, it increases a blood flow, and as a consequence enhanced occupancy of the corpus cavernosum of the penis, due to which there is a significant increase in its size. An erection becomes more stable and long-lasting, giving a man the ability to multiple repeated sexual acts.

Providing the combined effect due to the strong emission of testosterone in the blood, because of natural components of this pill to stimulate their production by the body men.

And viewed male enhancement supplement has a pronounced anabolic effect, leading not only to an increase in sexual performance but also to an increase in muscle mass, physical strength, and endurance.

Benefits of using Paravex Pills

  • Paravex Pills normalizes the function of the prostate gland and saves full reproductive function in men.
  • It supports normal functioning of the urinary system by means of the compound of the supplement is 100% and has the most powerful natural herbal ingredients.
  • That is also why this product increases the level of testosterone in the blood and strengthens the erection, and helps to restore sexual function.
  • The ideal combination of ingredients increase the size of the penis and give full control over ejaculation.
  • It is worth to note that Paravex Pills is safe at any age and is compatible with alcohol.
  • Moreover, considered product does not contain antibiotics and does not contain hormones. In general, this pill contains no pesticides and other harmful substances.
  • As viewed capsules are non-toxic and not addictive, their interaction with your body does not cause side effects.
  • The product has the registrations in dozens of countries with demanding standards regarding dietary supplements. Besides, the pill passed all the necessary tests on the safety and quality.
  • As mentioned above, it does not contain hormones, chemicals, artificial additives. The product is 100% of the pure natural aphrodisiac.
  • Natural ingredients digested easily, and after some time completely discharged to the outside. The body gets used to them.
  • Herbs act gently, without disturbing the natural processes. You can use at any age and any time.
  • Paravex Pills certified in almost all states imposes stringent requirements on the quality of plant food supplements.
  • The product increases production of testosterone in the body, and thus, causes an increase in the work of sex glands in men, the activation of male sexual function and muscle growth.

Result and Recommendations

Result of using Paravex Pills

Congestion can trigger the appearance of many harmful processes. Considered active dietary supplement is the first reception restores blood circulation and directly affects the quality of sexual intercourse.

By the results of this male enhancement product include:Paravex Pills

  • sustained erections,
  • increased libido,
  • long sexual intercourse,
  • consistent results even after application.

Due to maintaining optimal hormonal ingredients and helps fight the negative effects of age-related changes and maintain male potency and sexual health.

It links to the normal level of male sex hormones directly.

With regular reception from Paravex Pills observed stimulation of the male sex hormone – testosterone and increases sperm fusion.

In addition to above-mentioned, within this supplement contributes to the overall strengthening of the body especially after an illness and heavy loads.


As for some recommendations, firstly, you should not overdose in any case even enhancement process is not so quickly as you want.

Be patient and observe the following rules: to enhance sexual arousal and orgasm increase the brightness, increase endurance during sexual intercourse, take one capsule one hour before sexual intercourse if it is necessary.

When hypertension contents of the capsule to dissolve a glass of water and taken orally for six or eight hours. In addition, to stimulate spermatogenesis and increasing the number of sperm quality: take one capsule one time in three days for three months.

To enhance the vitality: take one capsule one time in three days within recommended course – three months. To increase the size of the penis: take one capsule one time in three days at least three months.

During treatment of chronic prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia, it recommends to take one capsule one time in three days, at least one month or more. After taking the pill recommended being sure to have intercourse.

With varying degrees of erectile dysfunction: take prescribed by a doctor from one to six months, one capsule three times a day. Women suffering from frigidity, decrease craving, infertility: take one capsule one time in three days, from one to six months.


  • Idiosyncrasy of components of dietary supplements,
  • Increased nervous irritability,
  • Pregnancy,
  • Lactation,
  • Insomnia,
  • High blood pressure,
  • A violation of cardiac activity,
  • Expressed atherosclerosis.

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